Valerian Tea The Organic Sleep Aid

About Valerian

Valerian Tea
Valerian has the quality of relaxing the central nervous system, making Valerian tea a reliable sleep aid and mild tranquilizer for those who manifest difficulties with falling asleep. (Photo Credits)

Valerian is a flowering herb, originating from Europe and parts of Asia. The Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) is used, in its dry state, as a herbal remedy, because of its overall calming effect. The Valerian root crude extract is also used for encapsulated dietary supplements, either for its sedative properties or due to its ability to act as a mild antianxiety agent.

Treating Sleep Disorders with Valerian Tea

Valerian tea is most commonly used in the herbal treatment of sleep disorders, predominantly insomnia. By itself or combined with other somnolence inducing herbs, some studies have shown that if consumed within 30 minutes to 2 hours before going to bed, Valerian tea does have a positive effect on sleeping disorders, its isovaleric acid and valepotriates soothing properties contributing to the creation of drowsiness. The lethargic effects of Valerian also benefit those who are withdrawing from pharmaceutical prescription sleeping pills. Read more of valerian tea health benefits to sleep.

Valerian and its Other Uses

The range of Valerian root extract use exceeds the sleeping disorders realm, its tranquility inducing effects making it a valuable herbal aid for those who struggle with anxiety, migraines, headaches, asthma, even for those who suffer from depression or other medical conditions, such as CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) or ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder). Learn how valerian root tea relieves anxiety.

Benefits and Side Effects of Valerian Root Tea

Valerian has the quality of relaxing the central nervous system, making Valerian tea a reliable sleep aid and mild tranquilizer for those who manifest difficulties with falling asleep. Although discovered and being used for hundreds of years now, the Valerian root extract remains to this day a common alternative remedy to modern medicine, many people swearing by its calm inducing properties. Used either holistically or targeted towards a specific symptom, short-term use of Valerian tea doesn’t show any side effect. More info on valerian tea side effects.

Nonetheless, out of precaution, Valerian should not be used in case of pregnancy or breast-feeding. Also, Valerian should not be consumed at least two weeks before a surgery or in combination with other sedative medications.

How To Make Valerian Tea

– Pour water into a teapot (8 oz);
– Fill the infusion device with Valerian root;
– Bring the water to a boiling point;
– Pour the water in a kettle over the Valerian root, cover it and let it steep for approximately 15 minutes;
– Pour into a glass and enjoy the benefits.

Herbal sleep aids have been popular for hundreds of decades and the Valerian root sits at the top of the list when talking about natural, organic, healthy sleep aids. As long as not abused, Valerian tea has a great reputation as a natural relaxing agent and should help with finding a natural balance within ourselves, as we glide through the stressing patterns life leads us on. Find out where to buy valerian tea.

Video on How to Make Sleepy Time Valerian Root Tea

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